Elder Futhark Runes 3 Part Cards Bundle


Elder Futhark Rune Art Print/Poster and 3 Part Cards.

Elder Futhark Rune Art Print/Poster and 3 Part Cards.

A complete set of 24 Runes and reference guide to each rune's commonly used meaning.
The Elder Futhark, Old Futhark or Germanic Futhark is the oldest form of the runic alphabets and was used as a writing system.
There are many versions of the runic alphabet and the Elder Futhark Runes are a great stepping stone into learning more about Norse culture, time period, and history. Can also be used for divination.

Montessori 3-Part cards can be used by anyone but are mainly for young children. They help develop sequencing, vocabulary, language, classification, and writing to name a few, along with the subject matter in hand.
Just cut on the gray lines. I would recommend laminating beforehand for long term use.

What's included:

* 9 Total High-Resolution PDF Prints scaled 8.5x11

1 Runes Art Print/Poster/Reference Guide
8 PDF files with 3 Part Cards

Due to different monitor settings and printer specifications, colors may appear slightly different than shown. I suggest using a heavyweight cardstock or watercolor paper.

Due to the nature of digital prints, I can not accept refunds/returns. Please message me right away if you encounter any problems with your order so I can correct it to satisfaction

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