Herb & Spice Bingo Game


Printable bingo game with 7 unique bingo cards and 30 different call tokens

Learn those herbs and spices!

Fun printable bingo game with 7 unique bingo cards and 30 different call tokens.
This is a great additional resource for homeschool study units and a great game for the budding herbalist or apothecary enthusiast.
Most common cooking & medicinal herbs used.
You can use beans, seeds, coins, candy, etc. as your bingo marker chips, or they do sell bingo marker chips online.

Plants listed are as follows:

• arugula
• basil
• bay leaves
• black pepper
• calendula
• chamomile
• chicory
• chive
• cilantro
• cumin
• dill
• echinacea
• elderberry
• eucalyptus
• fennel
• garlic
• ginger
• lavender
• licorice
• oregano
• parsley
• peppermint
• plantain
• rose hip
• rosemary
• sage
• star anise
• tarragon
• thyme
• valerian

What's included:

8 Total pages of High-Resolution PDF Prints scaled for 8.5x11

* 7 unique bingo cards
* 1 page herb/spice call tokens.

Due to different monitor settings and printer specifications, colors may appear slightly different than shown. I suggest using a heavyweight cardstock or watercolor paper. I would also suggest laminating these sheets for continual use and rounding the edges of the call tokens as they can be sharp. Please supervise children as this product does contain small pieces when cut out that can create a choking hazard if left unattended.

Due to the nature of digital prints, I can not accept refunds/returns. Please message me right away if you encounter any problems with your order so I can correct it to satisfaction

*All resources are intended for personal use only and are not to be sold, altered, or digitally shared in any way. You may not extract the illustrations and sell them as individual illustrations or in sets.


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