Positive Affirmations Card Deck


40 Positive Affirmation Cards

Printable Positive Affirmations Card Deck.

Beautiful rainbow watercolor backgrounds with optional double-sided printing.
Backside features the Seed of Life symbol.

Affirmations are statements you make to be true. They are powerful tools that invoke change and help to re-write your brain. They have the ability to help you manifest your own reality, dreams, and goals. These cards are perfect for young children as well.

Positive affirmations can
• Change your mindset
• Create positive and powerful outcomes
• Develop Healthy Habits
• Provide comfort and peace
• Decrease anxiety & stress

and so on! This list is endless.

What's included:

* 40 Affirmation cards with optional double-sided printing.
* 20 Pages total, 4 cards per page

Scaled to print on 8.5X11 so please adjust before printing.
Cut along/Line up to gray lines printed on sides to help with straight cutting.

*Due to different monitor settings and printer specifications, colors may appear slightly different than shown. I suggest using a heavyweight cardstock or watercolor paper. If losing the border around the page, try clicking " fit to page" or "scale to printable area" or likewise depending on your printer settings. Laminating prints will preserve them longer and enhance the color of print. Just note, once laminated, the paper can not be recycled afterward.

*Due to the nature of digital prints, I can not accept refunds/returns. Please message me right away if you encounter any problems with your order so I can correct it to satisfaction!

*All resources are intended for personal use only and are not to be sold, altered, or digitally shared in any way. You may not extract the illustrations and sell them as individual illustrations or in sets. If given a download link to an external storage drive, you may not under any circumstance share that link(s).


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